Songs for Small Choirs by Celia Mayers

Celia Mayers

A Capella Music – Pure Voices, Pure Fun!

Are you looking for a capella music?  It can be hard to find new music of this kind for a small choir.  I love the distinctive and stirring sound of unaccompanied voices raised in song. It can sometimes be challenging to sing well, but it’s extraordinarily gratifying when the harmonies settle perfectly!

These songs and arrangements are all original, and I hope you find a song here that you can use in your choir. Some of the easy scores are available for FREE (marked $0.00), and a very affordable flat-fee payment will get you a copy of any of the other songs, from which you can MAKE AS MANY COPIES for your choir as you need! I have recently added the first piece with a piano score, and I have several more in progress. Please visit my site every now and then to hear the newest songs! READ MORE

New Sheet Music…

*To see the whole song collection, just click once on the word ‘Shop’. (You can easily search the songs by cost, voicings and themes if you wish.) The songs showing $0.00 are FREE and can be instantly downloaded!

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music”

– George Elliot. (1819-1880)