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There are lots of easy original songs available on this site.  Maybe it’s time to sing something new!

Recording Contributions…  Some of these new original songs have never been performed. If your choir makes a recording of any song available here, I would be very keen to hear it! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have enjoyed the music.  I want to know which ones are the favourites, and my primary reason for setting up this website is to support small choirs, and to have a place to put my new songs as they come to life.  Watch this space!

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Thanks for having a look around this site. I love the idea that one or two of these songs might travel a tiny bit further out into the world, and bring some fun, pleasure and interest to other singers. Please tell your choir friends about the site, and encourage your friends to download copies of the free songs; they were written to be sung!