Lyrical song about the journey through life

Silver Fishes (SATB/Piano)

(Level – Easy SATB with Piano Accompaniment)

Here is a lyrical four-part song about the journey through life.  It holds a profound message for us all; that we are NEVER alone in this world. We are always surrounded by people who care about us, even if at first glance there seems to be absolutely nobody on the horizon at all!  The very simple melody is supported by some nice rich chords, and the song rolls like the ocean swell.  The building syncopation of the piano part is hypnotic and calming, all the way to the gentle delight expressed by the concluding lyrics.  Play the sound file, and scroll down to read the full score or lyrics while you listen.  *(For your interest; a “coracle” is an ancient form of boat, shaped just like a shallow bowl.  They have been used since the stone-age, in many different cultures.)

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(C. Mayers)

Here is my fortune; sure I will be,
Drifting alone on the uncharted sea.
Blinded by beauty, bound to prevail,
Here in my coracle; no keel nor sail.
Pure faith sustains me, grateful is my wake,
Silver fishes guide me – so kind my heart could break.

Moon softly rising, bold I will be,
‘lone on my own in a great company,
Steadied and soothed by the song of the whale,
Riding my coracle; no keel nor sail.
Night sky eternal, yearning for a guide,
Silver friends surround me, and never leave my side.

Underneath the surface of the sea,
Countless small companions, smiling up at me –
If I close my eyes and trail my hand; the touch of countless silver kisses,
Shining as they land!

Here is my fortune; sure I will be,
Drifting alone on the uncharted sea,
Clear through the darkness the ruby light of Mars;
Flying fishes leap me –

And sprinkle me with stars.

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