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Daddy Possum (ATT/Choral Pop)

Daddy Possum – Campfire Pop!

Daddy Possum is simple, and wonderfully groovy!  The pop-style harmonies and scat passages are super easy, and great fun to sing.  There is a chanted passage in the middle which can have the melody sung over it by a few voices if you wish, and the addition of the solo over the Coda passage (hold on to hear this demonstrated separately right at the end of the soundfile) is entirely optional – the song is fine without it.  Give your choir the chance to try their hand at some tight pop vocals – and if you memorise it, you really CAN sing it around the campfire! *Scroll down to read the full score while you listen.


*This score can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE, and you can make as many copies as you need for your choir.



(C. Mayers)

Hey Daddy Possum come down that tree,
your big black eyes shine down on me.
Don’t be afraid of what I might do,
because I love Mother Nature and she made you.

I won’t throw stones –
for fun, I’ll just sit quiet and let you come,
‘don’t want to hurt you, not at all;
Daddy to watch you a-livin’ just heals my soul!

(Spoken and sung Chorus)
Daddy Possum come and sit with me,
and speak very softly of the wind in the trees,
together we’ll talk till the fire grows low,
and when you leave my heart with you will go!

Doo doo doo doot doo, doo doo doo doot doo, etc.

(Solo Lyrics if required)
/Daddy I can see that you know /all the tricks, about -
/creep-ing quietly a/long those sticks.
/down on the ground you still go
/care-fully – Hey Daddy /don’t you be scared;
you can re-/ly on me!

You’re /taking it easy, watching
/through the dark, with your /ring-tail curled around the
/branch and the bark. - You
/won’t get risky, you’re /cool and your calm – and
/me, Daddy Possum? – I
/mean no harm!

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