Three part choral song

Sweet Music is Mine

(Level – Easy)

This is a celebration of choral singing, short and easy, with a rhythmic pop feel.  Simplify the solo and give it to a small team if you need to, or leave it out altogether, and make the most of the slower ending.  If the chords at the end seem tricky, get everybody to sing all notes, and just hold on to their own when the time comes!

After flat-fee payment and downloading you can make as many copies as you need for your choir.



LYRICS (C. Mayers)

Raising our voices together we –
Care for the garden of harmony,
Tending our songs as they rise and shine;
Sweet music is mine.

Sisters (Singers) together we form our line,
Gathering willingly, making time,
Songs of the world seem to flow like wine;
Sweet music is mine.

Old songs, new songs, grow in my heart – melody, melody,
‘perfect place to start,

Sharing our words and our easy smiles,
Singing away all our fleeting trials,
Embraced by the melody, feeling fine;
Sweet music is mine.

A lifetime long,
Music is mine,
The gift of song,
Music is mine!

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

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