Easy gospel song

Hold up your Lantern – SAAT

(Level – EASY)

‘Hold up your Lantern’ has been a popular piece because it feels great to sing and is easy to teach and learn entirely a Capella.  You don’t need the solo to have fun with the song, but if you have a keen singer to take it, it can really spice up the whole choir!  You can find this gospel song in both three and four-part arrangements on this website.  The score can be downloaded and copied free of charge.



LYRICS (C.Mayers)

Hold up your lantern,
SOLO: Travel lightly -
hold up your lantern,
Travel boldly -
hold up your lantern,
step out sprightly -
light the road for me –
Show me the way, show me the way, show me the way – to Heaven,
and I’ll walk, through, tumbling rain - to stand beside the Lord.

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